Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Blog Your Heart

I don't usually share alot of personal on here, other than the stories behind projects and layouts, but I am going to switch it up a little today. :) While visiting my favorite blogs this morning I stumbled across Stephanie Howell's blog, which is honestly one of my favorites. She constantly inspires me with her beautiful projects, and also on a regular basis makes me laugh out loud or cry depending on her post for that day. She issued a challenge today, for her readers to step out and blog straight from there heart, so here goes. :)

1. I am in love. I have been married for just over 8 years, and I still get butterflies everytime he kisses that spot on my neck, everytime he is with the girls and I see what an amazing father is he, everyday when he comes home from work, pretty much everytime I see him.

2. I am very emotional lately. I find myself randomly crying over very random things. Not sure the reason behind this, and not sure if its a bad thing. I feel much less stress, and this is SO nice!

3. I am struggling some with my faith, no I shouldn't say it like that, I am not doubting Him, I am doubting myself, and am not giving Him the time I should to work on building my relationship with Him back  up. Starting a new Bible study tomorrow, its with other moms, during the day so the kiddos can play. VERY excited about this, and feel its what I need to help get me back on track.

4. The girls are growing up so fast. I can't believe that in a year Emma will be in kindergarten and Katlyn will be heading off to preschool. They are amazing little ladies. I am so blessed to have been given the WONDERFUL job of being their mother. They teach me everyday about life, love, and much more than I feel I could ever teach them. Some days I feel like they were given to me, not for what I might be able to do for them, but what they would do for me.

I am going to leave you with an image I found on Pinterest sums up how I am feeling lately. I used to think I had to be that "perfect" mom, my family had to be that "perfect" family, our house had to look "perfect" all the time, I found this and realized that I was spending WAY TOO MUCH time worrying about everything being "perfect" that I was missing out on everything right in from of me.

 Life is wonderful, and ever more so once you remember and live it as the beautiful thing it is.

I hope this isn't just a jumbled mess, it was very, I want to say liberating for me, I didn't put alot of "thought" into this, I honestly just typed what came to my heart ( and then spell checked and checked the grammar, which is probably still wrong,  all the while praying it made sense) ;)

I hope you decide to join in on Stephanie's challenge, and if you do, please link back to me as well as her. :)


Stephanie Howell said...

i could have written almost every single point myself. ESPECIALLY your thoughts about faith. thank you for your transparency and bravery. xxo

Tashia said...

This is beautiful! I was inspired to participate too, and so glad I did!

Tashia @

jillofallcrafttrades said...

these are wonderful and not jumbled at all.I love the quote you added.Its so true,life happens soo fast,and we need to stop making it perfect and just live it.I loved reading your posts :)