Thursday, April 11, 2013

Today the Adventure Begins

Might seem like an odd title, for a picture of the first lost tooth, but I think it fits perfect. When I look at this photo, I see a little lady growing up. Long gone are her "baby" days. This was right before she started kindergarten, when she was just starting to really become her own person. She is amazing, and when I look at this picture, to me it symbolizes the beginning, of HER grand adventure...her growing up, and learning even more who she is, the person she wants to be.

Since this picture, she has changed so much, both in her looks, number of teeth (lol), and how grown up she is. She is truly an amazing person, and I am so beyond honored and blessed that I get to live her adventure with her. I cannot wait to see the woman that this beautiful girl becomes. :)
Thanks for stopping in today, hope you all are inspired to take time to create something you love!
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**** All supplies are from the Gossamer Blue April kit.

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