Thursday, May 23, 2013

Daily Craft TV

Hi all!! I wanted to hop on today and share a little something with you! :)

I was recently contacted by Eric from Daily Craft TV. Which is a start up, online, craft  webinar that has different classes hosted by some of the more well know crafters in the industry. They have videos for scrapbooking, knitting, sewing, and many more.

Eric asked if I would like to watch a video and then come on and give a little review, since I love my crafty videos, I of course said yes. :)

I chose the video "Ideas and Inspiration for Customized Scrapbooking" which is a video that was broken up into 6 different chapters. The material covered ranged from photography to mixed media:

  1. Designer Hints: Showcasing Traditions & Relationships
  2. Techniques Revealed: Creating a Distressed Look
  3. Design Workshop: Designing Mini Albums with Ease
  4. Everyday Inspiration: Paper Crafting with Photos
  5. Techniques Revealed: Adding Art Mediums to Create Dimension
  6. The Idea Center: Adding Dimension with Pop Dots
On this particular video, I felt it was geared more towards beginners. They were very specific in many of there explanations on both product and techniques. There were still many items, however, that I took note of.

I really loved in Chpt. 1 how they stressed focusing on the story or reason FOR the layout, and not so much on the layout itself. They also gave some awesome journaling tips and prompts that I know I will use in the future.

For me, Chpts. 2 and 5 kind of went hand in hand. In chpt. 2, you were shown some very quick and easy or beginner methods for using mixed media type mediums on your layouts. Then in chpt. 5 they went into much more detail, using lots of mediums, some that I had never even heard of...I am telling you, the projects they showed in that video were AMAZING, true works of art.

Chpt. 3 was all about the mini album. They gave tips for making simple mini albums, and good subject and topics for those albums, also how to make them flow and be cohesive.

Chpt. 4 was really good about giving some photography tips, and ways to use the many photos in cards, home decor, gifts. Definitely going to be using some of those ideas for gifts for the grandparents! :)

Then Chpt. 6 was a very quick and basic lesson about different ways to use pop dots.

This video was less process oriented, and more just giving you the basics and the how-to's of items. There were many ideas and prompts, some that have been around for awhile, and we all know and love, and others that are new ( at least they were to me) :) I definitely feel that I will refer back to this video again, especially for the ideas and prompts in Chapter 1, and all the fun mixed media ideas in Chapter 6.

I also will be looking into some of the other video lessons they have to offer, both in scrapbooking and some of the other mediums. I feel these videos are very informative and great for beginners and for a refresher.

You can check out all they have to off here, at Daily Craft TV.

Thanks to Eric for letting me review and share this with all of you, and I really hope you head over and look into a lesson or 2 :)

Have a great day, and take time to create something you love!

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