Thursday, September 20, 2012

Cherished Memories

Life is crazy! We get so busy, and so caught up in all that is going on, sometimes we ( at least myself) tend to forget to slow down and savor each moment. No matter if its a special occasion, or just another lazy Saturday, its a moment that you can't get back. I am vowing to start slowing down, and savoring all of those precious moments.

This is one of those moments for me. I love this photo of my husband and girls. This is him, truly in his element, sharing it with them, and they love it. Of course, they love anything that Daddy does, because he is an awesome dad. :)

I have scrapped this photo before, but it speaks so much to me that I wanted to make sure each of the girls had it in their albums.
On the topic of albums and memories, I have a question for you all! Do you have a "family" album? I have always just scrapped for the girls, kept an album for each of them, but lately have been thinking of adding in more of my husband and myself, and with the new baby coming, I thought might be easier on me to simply do and album for each, and then a family album. Instead of making 2 or 3 layouts using the same photos? What are your methods for this?? Please share!! :)
First soccer game of the season tonight, little miss is very excited....I'm a little curious as to what to expect. A team of 5 & 6 year olds, who have only had 3 practices. It'll be something, lol, that's for sure.
Oh, and just cause I am getting antsy and super excited, 5 more weeks til little man gets here!!! Can't believe how fast this pregnancy has gone, so ready to meet this little guy! :)
Thanks for letting me ramble today! :)
Hope you all have a fabulous day, and take time to create something you love!


Erin Blegen said...

Oh, I love this- what a sweet photo and great design!!


Ashley Horton said...

Saw this one FB earlier today Amanda, and LOVED it!! Great use of the Jillibean and what a sweet photo of your hubby and the girls!! I was always the same way...just did albums for the kids. But probably over the last year, I started my "own" album. I like having both options!!

Anonymous said...

I love that pic and your LO :) I do a book for each kiddo (not easy with 5!) but have started to do LOs occasionally that I put in a book for me. I wrestle with how to handle this too, but I think this way works best since I want to eventually give the kids their books.