Thursday, October 15, 2015


Hello friends!! Back today with you to share a new layout...this one is a little outside the box for me. I used a few different items/elements that I wouldn't normally use, but I am SO in love with this layout, I think I need to step out of that comfort zone more often!

First though, I want to give you a little back story on the layout. This was taken over summer break, and it was a normal sight all summer long. Our oldest daughter is a true lover of books...most times you can find her with her nose right in the middle of a book, and I LOVE this! I am a reader ( well, I was before I had children! lol), and the fact that she is embracing that same love ( and our middle daughter is following right along in those footsteps behind her!!) just makes me excited! I am loving sharing with her books that I loved at that age, and am so looking forward to the time when I can read some of my classic favorites with her, and know that she will fall in love with and appreciate that world as much as I do/did!

I so wanted to share all of this in the journaling on this layout, but for some reason in that moment, the words just would not come to paper. Does that ever happen to you??

When collecting supplies for this layout, I was rifling through my stash, looking for an old book that I knew I had somewhere..I found it, and by a happy accident, saw this along the spine, where I had tore pages out previously. I LOVED the look, and knew it would be perfect for this layout, not only in theme, but to add dimension and texture.

I had received the chipboard from the "I am" collection from Simple Stories in a Gossamer Blue kit, I had had it for quite awhile, and not used anything but the smaller elements. Again, this was the perfect layout to put some of those to use. I loved that there was a stack of books, and to me the globe just made sense. These are items that I would never normally use...I don't even buy chipboard often, but I really had fun incorporating these onto my layout.

I had this bookplate from the ephemera from a Maggie Holmes collection, and I thought it would be a fun embellishment, and I was able to fill it with some of that pink/red paper to bring that over to the left of the layout. Some simple, messy stamping, and a few ink splatters later, this one is done and in the books. LOVE the way it turned out, and that I was able to stretch my creativity and open up to using some unusual ( for me) items!

I am linking this layout up to Paper Issues and their new Fan-atics challenge, because this girl is one of the biggest book fans I have ever met...she might even give my old self a run for the money! ;)

Details for the linky part are here! :)

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