Sunday, April 3, 2011

Chinese Whispers

This month I was a part of the Chinese Whispers Challenge over at Club Ck. I remembered this game as telephone from when I was younger! How it works is very simple, I was the first this round, so I was sent a sketch, from that sketch I made a LO and sent it on to our hostess and the person next in line after me, that person made a LO and sent it on, and so on until we were all through our group. It was so much fun to see everyones different takes on it! This is just one of the many fun challenges offered over at Club CK! If you aren't already a member over there, I hope you think about heading over and joining! I am so glad I did!! The other peeps over there are great! Its nice to have so many who are interesting in this wonderful hobby as I am, they are great about giving awesome feedback, challenging you, and getting to know eachother!!

So, anyways, LOL, here is the LO that I did for the March round of Chinese Whispers...

I created this LO based on this sketch...

I loved this sketch!! I will definetly be using it again :)

Hope you are having a blessed Sunday! :)

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