Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Should be in bed...

I should definetly be in bed, especially since Ms. Emma has preschool tomorrow so we will have to be getting up early, but here I am insomnia kickin in big time tonight. So...I thought I would get on here and share this photo I snuck in and took of the girls the other night. Ahhh it just melts my heart...

Is that not just pure sweetness?? Oh how I love them!! This photo will of course be scrapped, and soon hopefully!! I am having trouble thinking of a title though...I always struggle with titles and it kills me because I think the right title can make the LO sometimes. Any suggestions?? I would love to hear them!!!

Well...I guess I should go try and get a little sleep in....I am going to try and get a new LO posted tomorrow or Thursday, but if I don't make sure you all drop in on Friday!!! Big day for me!!! ;)

Have a blessed Wednesday!! 


DanaMK said...

What a cute photo! The titles that come to mind for me are "Sleeping Beauties" or "Pure Sweetness".

scrappingmom73 said...

Hi Amanda,
I found you from Frosted Designs. Glad you're our guest this time around! Love your page! My family and I used to live in Indiana too. Until we moved to New Zealand that is. :)
Happy Scrapping!