Friday, September 27, 2013

Big Dreams bring Big Ideas

Hi all!! When I started out sharing my work online, I was always a nervous wreck, and so in awe of those that were on the design teams. Honestly, I still am, there is so much talent out there in the crafting world, and when I decided to give my hand a trying for design teams, I was disappointed over and over.
Then this awesome thing happened, really just in the last few months...I started being asked to be on teams, and getting my name out there.

So these big dreams I had, are finally paying off, and I am so excited to share that I was asked to be a part of this team for the next year...

I am beyond honored and excited to be joining in with this fabulous company and these talented ladies for the next year! :)



Kelly Jean said...

Congrats!!! That ia so exciting. This was nice to read because I feel like this sometimes.

Shelby said...

So excited to see what you create!!! Congrats!!!